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Our Camp Countselors are role models, friends, instructors and heroes to our campers. Responsibilities include overall supervision of campers and ensuring campers' wellbeing and safety whilst they are enjoying the fun and rewarding experience summer camp is. Counselors are with campers 24 hours a day, making sure they eat meals, attend day and evening activities and are getting to sleep at night.  Read more.


IIf the counselor position requires too much time but you’d still like to be involved in camp, we also need volunteer photographers so that parents can keep track of their children during the week – and the campers can take home memories of camp.  Volunteers can sign up for 4-5 hour sessions throughout the week, and we love volunteers who take multiple sessions.  We’ll provide the camera; we just need you to bring basic photography skills, a great attitude and the energy to walk around camp for a few hours.  Photographers must be at least 21 years old, and they must go through the same background checks as counselors.  Parents are welcome to be photographers, although we request that you don’t volunteer while your child is at camp – this is their chance to be a big kid away from their family.  Please contact Rob if you’re interested in being a volunteer photographer.


Camp CoHoLo’s operations are monitored by volunteers on a 17-member board of directors.  Each director is asked to make contributions each year in terms of time and/or financial contributions.  If you would like to learn more about the role of the Board of Directors at Camp CoHoLo, please contact Dan Fischer.


If you would like to help Camp CoHoLo, we encourage you to reach out to us.  Please complete and submit the form below to tell us a little more about you. 

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